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Top Sedans in 2018

Want to wrap your vehicle? We can do it for you!The sedan – a vehicle for the every person. The car that is neither too family, nor too out there. The one that can scream “sport” in the same voice it says “business”. The sedan is the ultimate class of cars. The one that everyone looks to and most people drive. So today we will step aside of wrapping cars and take a look at the top sedans of 2018.

Just remember that this list is purely subjective. We are not necessarily sharing the best cars but only the ones that for us are worth the highlight. Perhaps there will be faster, more comfortable or more luxurious cars out there. But for us these deserve their praise. So let’s get going!

Luxury and Safety Go Together

Few companies focus as much on safety as does Volvo. This is why our pick for the first place goes to Volvo S90. Not only does it look incredibly stylish and business-like, it also screams with its luxury. Plus the company thinks of the family man. They ensure that different systems around the vehicle keep you as protected as possible.

Volvo S90 is definitely a side to behold. It doesn’t catch your attention with cheap thrills or unnecessary fluff, but instead looks professional and is one heck of a ride. A bit expensive for sure, but still less than the competition.

Sport and Class Join Hands

German engineering is great at developing a large variety of vehicles. They make awesome interiors and are usually conservatively elegant on the outside. However, with them you usually pick either a sportier model are a more business one. Well, with BMW 8 Series this has changed.

BMW has created an amazing beast that packs a punch with its engine, but also serves well as a business car. Who thought that you can actually enjoy the power while maintaining your personal image?

Compact? Maybe!

We continue our list with the Kia Stinger. This vehicle is supposed to be a bit on the compact side, but honestly – it looks like a full-fledged sedan. On top of that it also performs amazingly well with its engines. The South Koreans have not disappointed us on the design side either, presenting to us an amazing beast of a vehicle.

Bring Back That British Legacy

Even if Jaguar isn’t exactly British nowadays, it still carries on that spirit. And with Jaguar XF that is absolutely clear. This car is a pure joy to drive and although it does not excel in any particular area, it is still a gem to behold.

For those of you who prefer their cars to be made with the driver in mind – this is the car for you. You will enjoy most things about the way this car behaves. Sure, it has been criticized for being a bit on the slow side, but you can still push that pedal and enjoy the roar.

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