New possibilities in vehicle interior and exterior styling!

Change your car into new classy original with WrapStyle London!

WrapStyle Special Projects


A New Kind of Vehicle Redesign

We at WrapStyle™ understand how important it is for a person to express himself. This is why we have always wanted to bring something new to our clients, something that will completely change how their car looks and feels, so that it can truly be an extension of their personality. In order to do this, we have teamed up with Carlex Design and together we now present you the option of starting a special project with us. One, which will not only involve wrapping your vehicle externally, but will actually extend to the styling of your interior and matching it with your idea of the perfect car.

The Process of Complete Vehicle Styling

WrapStyle™ has gone past the simple option of changing the colour of your vehicle. Now we can take care of your car in its entirety, coordinating both the exterior and interior layout, colour scheme and overall presentation. Our wrapping experience, along with our proficiency in vinyl design and print, helps us to approach every project with personal touch and great care. We understand how important it is for everything to fit nicely and look seamlessly, to be as if this is your car’s natural appearance. WrapStyle™ provides a level of uniqueness, which you cannot get anywhere else.

But how do we achieve that? We pay attention to every single detail – nothing goes unnoticed. We can change the upholstery of your interior, so it matches your car’s exterior. Trimming down the interior is also a possibility, giving you the option to get rid of unnecessary interior additions. WrapStyle’s designers will work with you to create the look that you desire. You can trust their expertise to help you designing a good overall layout if you are not sure how exactly your car should look, or you can pitch the entire project yourself and let us do it for you.

WrapStyle™ & Carlex Design


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