WrapStyle Special Projects

Wrapping your car in vinyl is an excellent measure of protection for your paint and a stylish choice for the look of your car. However, many people choose to wrap only certain parts of their vehicle, as it makes for an interesting design and is perfect for showcasing an attribute of the car, which is not necessarily obvious.
Our team has years of experience in the field of car wrapping and they will handle your vehicle with professional care. Give us a call today and get a unique look for your vehicle.
There are many examples for where vinyl detailing can work well. Many people like to wrap only their hood in vinyl with carbon finish, so it adds another layer of aesthetics to the vehicle. The side view mirrors can also be wrapped in a different colour, thus outlining the width of the vehicle.
The possibilities for unique designs are endless, so you can turn your car into a work of art. There are many finishes, from which you can pick, like standard glossy or matte finishes, leather imitations, the mentioned carbon fibre finish or even chrome-like metallic finish.
Our services are extensive and we work with big and small customers alike. We do individual projects, but if you have a fleet of vehicles, to which you want to apply a livery, don’t hesitate to call us.

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