Vehicle wrapping is one of the main service of our company. We make different designs, with a large variety of colours, finishes and overall design. However, our service also extends to completely custom vinyl wraps. You can choose a design, a logo, even a picture that can be printed on vinyl and applied to your vehicle or fleet of vehicles. This means that there are virtually endless possibilities for unique designs.
Throughout the years our team has been growing and developing a lot. Now we have extensive services in the field of vehicle wrapping and fleet liveries. Our professional can take care of your vehicle or your company’s fleet of vehicle. We carefully approach every project and our designers will make sure that everything in the design is impeccable and worthy of presentation.
The service of custom wraps differs from other services, such as colour changing. The idea behind custom wrapping is simple – achieving a unique look for your vehicle or representing a brand, a product or even yourself. Many people use custom printed vinyl designs to advertise their own services on their cars. An attractive design draws the attention of people, thus spreading awareness of a certain service.
Others simply want to express themselves through the looks of their uniquely designed vehicles. Special graphics make people distinguish and remember your vehicle from the thousands of other cars flying by them each day. Custom wrapping can turn an unremarkable car into a piece of artistic expression.
What is better is that our wraps actually have benefits to them aside from their aesthetic qualities. With the high quality US-manufactured vinyl that we use, you can be sure that it will last a long time and will protect your original paintwork from minor scrapes and scratch, as well as dirt and mud. Choosing to wrap your vehicle is not a difficult decision – after all, if you stop enjoying it at a certain point, you can easily go back to the previous look of your car, because with the high quality adhesive that we use, the wrap is easily removed, without leaving any residue behind.
If you have a specific design in mind or a company logo that you want to see printed and applied to your vehicle, give us a call right away. Our customer services team will explain the whole process, so you can enjoy a new look for your vehicle as soon as possible.

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