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Why do you need a protective film on your paint?

In accordance with new legal requirements, car manufacturers are obligated to use water-based paints to better preserve the environment. These paints have less surface resistance to scratches and severe weather conditions. This is why WrapStyle™ has decided to give you the chance to protect the paintwork of your new (or old) vehicle! The OpticShield™ paint protection film has been developed by a WrapStyle™ London for long term protection of your vehicle’s cosmetic appeal.


WrapStyle Paint Protection

Thanks to its anti-shock, self-healing and self-cleaning properties, the OpticShield™ film offers perfect protection. The application gel, which WrapStyle™ uses, is specifically designed for application of protective or other clear films. It doesn’t leave any traces under the film, making the presentation of your car spotless. It is dense enough for comfortable application, so you can rest assured that the applied OpticShield film will look as a part of the car itself. Contact us now and request application of paint protection for your vehicle!

WrapStyle Paint Protection


The benefits of our OpticShield paint protection film

Should your paint become scratched, the OpticShield™ film will regenerate it with the help of heat from the sun or with some hot water. There are different situations when scratches may appear. Some examples are: when automatic car wash brushes are used and their speed is not controlled properly; when rubbing against bushes on the side of the road; during everyday driving and minor accidents; or due to an act of vandalism. All these scratches will disappear from the surface, thank to the regenerative self-healing capabilities of the OpticShield film. You can wait for the sun to heat it up or just rinse it with hot water yourself. Your original paint is always preserved and will continue to look brand new.

The OpticShield™ paint protection film is highly transparent and is exclusively developed to protect the vehicle without altering its appearance. You car can look amazing and be protected at all times, without anything giving away the fact that you are using a protective film.

There can be a million different causes of damage to your vehicle’s paint – from stones and gravel to road debris. The OpticShield™ protective film is resistant to impacts from these regular road hazards. This added layer of protection will pay for itself in no time.

Due to its technical properties and characteristics, the OpticShield™ paint protection film offers easy application with no creases or traces. Nowadays the time required to apply self-adhesive films is one of the key factors of a company’s profitability. That is why we at WrapStyle™ have worked hard to make this film so easy to apply. Thanks to the technology of the newly developed OpticShield™, you will save up to 30% on the application time, due to its high conformability and ease of application.

The OpticShield™ will preserve the original shine of your paint thanks to the provided UV protection, which comes with the film. We provide a 7-year warranty that covers yellowing and cracking, so your satisfaction is guaranteed.

We have developed the OpticShield™ protective film to also contain an anti-adhesion component. Thanks to it, dust and dirt will adhere much less to your vehicle. Because of that, cleaning will be less frequent and significantly easier. If you want all of the benefits of our OpticShield™, you can request your paint protection by contacting us.

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