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German Luxury Vehicles – Which To Pick?

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Get the best vehicle wrapping hereEveryone wants to drive the best car around. However, there is no such thing as “best”. One person may like one brand, while another person may actually consider it quite bad. But let’s say that you have decided – you want a German luxury vehicle. These go well together with car wrapping London, though you have to buy one first.

Today we are going to focus on 4 brands – Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BMW and Porsche. These marques have the highest number of luxury models out there, so it only makes sense to explore them.

What Is Mercedes-Benz All About?

This manufacturer has the widest range of luxury vehicles, from which you can pick. The designers of the marque definitely focus a lot on class and they tone down the sporty aesthetic that is usually present on vehicles of this caliber. Here you get pure luxury and nothing less.

Furthermore, you can pick different vehicle categories as well. Whether you want a sedan, or a more compact SUV, you can have it. Alternatively, crossovers are also an option and you can even get a proper off-roader as well. Their high-end sedans are part of the famous S-class and are definitely the most luxurious pick out of all the vehicles in today’s article.

What About BMW?

A lot of people love this German manufacturer. However, in recent years it caters more to the sports-focused crowd, rather than the luxury market. Don’t get us wrong, BMW is still a luxury brand, but they prefer to be known as the muscle cars of Europe. Frankly, we cannot blame them. They are awesome and if you want a bit more speed in your ride this would be a great pick.

They have a variety of SUVs you can choose, and several sedan classes as well. A lot of their models also come in a coupé variant if you prefer it. Recently, BMW has put out an EV class as well and the top model is just as sporty and luxurious as you would expect.

Then Comes Audi

This manufacturer is somewhat middle of the road between class and sports. It is the perfect blend between the previous two. Its models do have aggressive design that is usually found on sportier vehicles, but unlike BMW it also caters quite a lot to the luxury-minded crowd.

Audi have only two vehicle classes – the A and the Q. The former is their hatchback and sedan class, with the A8 being the flagship model. However, unlike Mercedes, Audi offers A8 also as a sporty version. The Q-series focuses on SUVs with the Q7 and Q8 being the top choices here.

And Porsche Takes The Cake

Porsche is really in a league of its own. Firstly, they cater mostly to sports car fans, with the only exception being the Cayenne and most recently – the Macan. These vehicle are an SUV and a subcompact crossover respectively. However, if you want a truly luxurious sports car, you can’t really do better than Porsche, at least on the German front.

So what do you think? Which car marque is your favourite?

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