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Top Sports Cars in 2018

WrapStyle for top car wrapping LondonThe world of vehicles is a dynamic place. Cars constantly come out and are either eagerly adopted or completely dismissed. This is even more obvious with sports cars. Although many are fans of particular brands, the fact is that some cars are just better than others.

Today we are going to look at what we consider to be the top sports cars of 2018. This is not an exhaustive list though, as we will mention only a few of the ones that have caught our attention. Perhaps you will see your future vehicle right in our list! And honestly, what better candidate for car wrapping than a brand new sports car? So let’s go!

The American Stallion – Ford Mustang

Now, this is a bit of an awkward pick. Firstly, here in Europe the Mustang does not have that much of a fan base. That is because it is not much like its American brother. Here it has to have a different engine and that kind of makes it another car. However, we still feel like the Mustang deserves a spot on this list as this iconic sports car that people still crave!

The Quintessential Racer – Porsche 911 Carrera

Now we are talking! This German beast is still going strong in 2018. Granted, it is fairly expensive and not quite practical, but who wants that in a sports car? The Porsche is winning competitions left and right, and honestly, it is a sight to behold.

The one thing that we love about Porsche is that they somehow manage to keep their design language throughout all the generations. Their looks are both vintage and modern, while still looking awesome. How they manage that, I cannot say.

The Japanese Speeder – Nissan 370Z

All sports car fans know of the famous Nissan GTR. It is among the vehicles that are quite notorious for being super speedy while not spending too much time on the details. The 370Z however is not up to its cousin’s caliber. It is a bit slower, but in my opinion, it is the vehicle that most of us can afford and enjoy. Plus it is the next gen of the 350Z and who doesn’t want that?

Back To Britain – Lotus Evora

The UK has a great history with vehicles, despite what the world thinks. The sad thing is that most people do not get to enjoy that. That being said, Lotus Evora is still a great piece of British engineering, even if most folks around the world may have not even heard of it.

We have included the Evora here, because to us this seems like the most accessible Lotus vehicle for the regular fan. Sure the Exige is also great, and the Elise is iconic in its own right, but the Evora is a breath of fresh air that Lotus has needed for a long time.

This concludes our list with the highlights of 2018. There are plenty of other honorable mentions that we should include, but that would take three more posts!

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