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Want to wrap your vehicle? We can do it for you!The sedan – a vehicle for the every person. The car that is neither too family, nor too out there. The one that can scream “sport” in the same voice it says “business”. The sedan is the ultimate class of cars. The one that everyone looks to and most people drive. So today we will step aside of wrapping cars and take a look at the top sedans of 2018.

Just remember that this list is purely subjective. We are not necessarily sharing the best cars but only the ones that for us are worth the highlight. Perhaps there will be faster, more comfortable or more luxurious cars out there. But for us these deserve their praise. So let’s get going!

Luxury and [...]

Get the best vehicle wrapping hereThere is no question that the SUV is an impressive piece of engineering. It dominates the road both visually and physically. Gone are the days of the slow bulky trucks. Now you have big roaring beasts that can speed up if you want to.

However, with so many car manufacturers on the market, you may be wondering which SUV is actually worth it. Surely some are better than others, right? Plus you want to wrap your car, which is why you need the best one you can get! So let’s see who wins the fight!

The Budget King

You don’t have to spend hundreds of thousands of pounds in order to appreciate the awesomeness that SUVs give you. You can enjoy it for much less. Our pick in [...]

WrapStyle for top car wrapping LondonThe world of vehicles is a dynamic place. Cars constantly come out and are either eagerly adopted or completely dismissed. This is even more obvious with sports cars. Although many are fans of particular brands, the fact is that some cars are just better than others.

Today we are going to look at what we consider to be the top sports cars of 2018. This is not an exhaustive list though, as we will mention only a few of the ones that have caught our attention. Perhaps you will see your future vehicle right in our list! And honestly, what better candidate for car wrapping than a brand new sports car? So let’s go!

The American Stallion – Ford Mustang

Now, this is a bit of an awkward [...]

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